Procedure for non-European nationals to obtain a valid covid certificate in France

While the covid19 virus is still circulating in the world, countries have all introduced different measures trying to reduce the propagation of the virus. At the moment, in France you can only access restaurants, bars, skilifts or cinema's with a valid Pass Sanitaire, giving proof that you have been vaccinated, cured from covid or having been tested negative. The government is planning to only issue a Pass Sanitaire for people who are vaccinated. We might know more in January.

If you are wondering if your health pass, issued in your country, is accepted in France, please check the website of the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères:

In short, according to the gouvernments website, the pass sanitaire of the following countries is accepted in France: member states of the EU, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Féroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Libanon, North Macedonia, Marocco, Moldavia, Monaco, New-Zealand, Norway, Panama, United Kingdom, San Marino, Serbia, Switserland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican.

Nationals from all other countries have to convert the proof of vaccination into a Pass Sanitaire, which can be done in the pharmacies listed on the website.

The link in English:

We hope to see you all soon this winter!

Robin, Marlon & team